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Automatic paper folding machine
Source:未知 | Upload update:2017-03-31

1 this machine is suitable for three, five and seven layers of cardboard.
2 acceptable for the shortest board is 600mm, the longest is 2500mm.
3 stack paper capacity A, B Leng five layers of, A Leng three layers of 300 pieces, B thin layer of three and can be adjusted for any of the 480.
4 paper machine is controlled by computer system.
5 the use of platform conveyor belt, so that the stability of laminated cardboard feeding, power are used AC. motor plus frequency converter and easy to operate.
6 the use of computerized automatic control, paper folding machine can accept the rapid conversion of orders, easy to calculate paper.
7 the paper folding machine is in proportion to the speed of the belt driving part.
8 the use of belt speed conversion can provide complete order separation.
9 has a very safe safety protection device, a full length of the bridge channel, making it easy to operate.
10 long paper positioning device can automatically adjust the number of orders in the transformation.

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