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Single layer lifting paper folding device
Max paper length: 3500MM
Max stack height: 1700MM
Max stack speed: 250 m / min
* attached to the front of the suction conveyor belt, so that when the stack is more smooth stack
When the board reaches the set quantity, the air suction is matched with the friction plate to move, and the front part of the conveying belt is decelerated, and the conveying belt of the rear section is accelerated, so that each folded paperboard is more accurately separated.
The four stages of the conveyor belt are controlled by four servo motors, which are different in the length of the board, the quantity of the order and the speed of the production, and the rate of the belt is different
Using multi - order form of paper, in order to facilitate small orders
The lifting platform of the paper folding frame is an oil pressure control valve which is provided with a double control valve, so that the lifting and lowering is very balanced, and the phenomenon of overlapping paper is not caused
Out of the direction of the paper can be divided into three kinds: A side of the paper, B driven side of the paper, C paper out of both sides, the paper platform roller using progressive to accelerate, can prevent the occurrence of dumping when the paper
With the production process management system to make connections, so that the production process more smoothly
Optional track type paper outlet platform

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