New development of carton packaging and carton machinery in Chinas carton packaging developed areas, concentrated in the coastal provinces and cities; on behalf of China carton packaging level in the south of Guangdong. Center of China carton machinery, is from north to south. Guangdong carton packagFull text>>
2017-03-31 |
Carton machinery industry will usher in a new development si At present, Chinas carton machinery industry is undergoing tremendous changes. According to the important task to emphasize the central proposed in the fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee to improve the quality of developFull text>>
2017-03-31 |
The development of carton printing machine In 1439, the German gutten manufactured wooden letterpress printing machine, the vertical spiral hand printing machine has simple structure, but it follows the 300 years; in 1812, Germany Koenig made the first round flatten letterpress printFull text>>
2017-03-31 |
Increasing demand for printing slotting machine At present, the advanced countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and other carton production to achieve the two dragon production process, and China is currently only a one-stop production process equipment supplieFull text>>
2017-03-31 |
Carton packaging machinery operator manual 1, carton packaging machinery and equipment operators must be familiar with the structure of the equipment, working principle and operation method 2, machine operators, must not be allowed to wear gloves, do not wear too loose clothes. 3, thFull text>>
2017-03-31 |
Two different types of semi-automatic sticky box machine Semi automatic sticky box machine can be divided into two kinds: The first semi automatic gluing machine is mainly used for domestic throughout, folding carton, glue, plastic, transporting, pressurizing, counting, drying and other functions,Full text>>
2017-03-31 |
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