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Two different types of semi-automatic sticky box machine
Source:未知 | Upload update:2017-03-31
Semi automatic sticky box machine can be divided into two kinds:
The first semi automatic gluing machine is mainly used for domestic throughout, folding carton, glue, plastic, transporting, pressurizing, counting, drying and other functions, the whole machine is composed of feeding, glue department, plastic department, transport department, material department counter pressure. The operation procedure is the worker skill to the already processed whole piece of cardboard folding back into the glue, glue by active in cardboard bonding parts of glue, to reach a certain number of active transmission pressure, dry and eventually complete plastic plastic department one by one through the roller. This semi active stick box machine is suitable for packaging box for half a standard cover boxes, and the requirements of the corrugated carton "half line" must be pressed, or stick a carton of waste may occur. The machine is very suitable for die - cutting after the board, it is the largest folding paperboard scale is 1200mm * 1200mm, the smallest 400mm * 400mm, the production rate is 50 ~ 70 pieces per minute.
The utility model relates to a semi-automatic adhesive box machine which is developed according to the structure of a paste box machine, which is composed of an active feeding part, a grinding and coating part, a conveying part and a technical folding and pressurizing part. Workers craft folding pressure, to a certain amount of pressure and then placed in the operating pressure. The utility model is characterized in that the feeding part is provided with an automatic feeding speed, but can not send the folding paperboard, only can send the flat plate. It is made of special adhesive tape, roller and so on. At the same time to complete the two boxes of cardboard for bonding, but also can complete the special adhesive carton, special carton box partial mouth. It's grinding, coating operations are able to accurately hit the hair in demand, gluing part coating, can also be part of the spray box shaped by the machine configuration of the nozzle. The machine has 12 working positions on both sides, at the same time, there are 12 workers for production operation, the production speed is very impressive.

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