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Carton packaging machinery operator manual
Source:未知 | Upload update:2017-03-31
1, carton packaging machinery and equipment operators must be familiar with the structure of the equipment, working principle and operation method
2, machine operators, must not be allowed to wear gloves, do not wear too loose clothes.
3, the machine should be checked before the paper table withoutplacing tools or other debris. Each time you start the door bell, you should guide the machine operator behind other workers. If thebell does not drive, after a while, then drive to the doorbell to make sure it is safe. The starter is not allowed to operate at a high speed, the speed is zero, the gradual speed knob to the rated speed.
4, slot part, according to the operating procedures, slotting knife, cutting knife blade is very sharp, it is easy to hurt the hand. The adjustment tool must be locked fasteningscrews, should pay attention to shovel theslot paper paper knife, knife four after adjustment, remember to lock the fastening screws, during the period of the first rotation processing groove departmentseveral each tuning after the lock, if there is no abnormal phenomenon, can continue to operate. High speed operation, the left hand will encounter a sharp edge, especially careful. Production, if the violation of operating rules, extremely easy to cause injury accidents.
5, version, eraser, spatula, remove dirt and impurities, paper or cleaning machine, should be closed after the start of power, and to remind people, in order to prevent others mistakenly opened.
6, change the ink, ink clean, not to touch the machine parts are not available, cloth wipe stains;
7, roller, rubber roller, printing roller printing machine is the heart, not a foreign body in the roll, should not have scratches, must be cleaned before work.
8, the timing of gas, oil or oil can not be broken.
9, the machine should be kept clean, should be cleaned after the work to prevent corrosion and wear parts.
10, the machine abnormal sound, should immediately stop inspection, eliminate the cause, can start from the new.
11, to maintain a sensitive and reliable safety device, shall not be removed orartificial arbitrary adjustment, so that the safety device action, if the damage should be promptly repaired;
12, the appearance of the machine, electrical control cabinet, electrical and electrical components should be kept clean, regular inspection ofcomponents loose, aging, timely elimination of hidden dangers, debugging, check the power supply must be cut off repair

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