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Increasing demand for printing slotting machine
Source:未知 | Upload update:2017-03-31
At present, the advanced countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and other carton production to achieve the two dragon production process, and China is currently only a one-stop production process equipment supplies.
With the China printing export-oriented economy, the increase in the proportion of Chinese printing enterprises to develop scale, Chinese printing innovation ability of manufacturing industry and improve the competitiveness in the international market have benefited from the "delta" regional development, in recent years, due to the carton manufacturing enterprises carton printing is widely used in water-based printing slotting machine, the water-based printing slotting machine to the rapid development of the market. Large and small enterprises demand for carton production equipment, is the enterprise products, enterprise scale and economic strength of the decision, so the production, packaging and printing machinery enterprises must be treated separately, and strive to can meet the large-scale production of high-grade cardboard product demand, and can satisfy the small and medium-sized enterprises in the production of low carton product requirements. High, medium and low-grade products comprehensive development materials market.
There are forecasts, by 2010, the global printing output value of up to 552 billion 774 million 900 thousand euros, an increase of more than 2005 of 18.3%.

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