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The development of carton printing machine
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In 1439, the German gutten manufactured wooden letterpress printing machine, the vertical spiral hand printing machine has simple structure, but it follows the 300 years; in 1812, Germany Koenig made the first round flatten letterpress printing machine; in 1847, the United States, the invention of rotary printing machine; in 1900, six. Rotary printing machine; in 1904, the American Rubel invention offset printing machine.
Before twentieth Century in 50s, the traditional letterpress printing technology in the printing industry occupies a dominant position, the development of the printing press is mainly based on letterpress printing machine. However, the process of lead alloy letterpress printing has the disadvantages of high labor intensity, long production cycle and environmental pollution. From 60s onwards, with a short cycle, productivity and other characteristics of the offset printing technology began to rise and development, lead alloy letterpress printing has been replaced by offset printing. Letterpress printing, orifice printing, electrostatic printing, inkjet printing, etc., in the packaging printing, advertising printing has also been developed.
World printing machinery has made great progress since 1980s. For more than 20 years, the development of printing machinery has gone through three stages:
The first stage is from the early 1980s to the early 90s, this stage is the peak period of the development of offset printing technology. During this period, the maximum printing speed of sheet fed offset press is 10000 printing / hour. A four - color printing machine before the pre - adjustment preparation time is generally about 2 hours. Automatic detection and ink is mainly focused on automatic node paper, automatic delivery, automatic cleaning, automatic control ink printing machine automatic adjustment and alignment remote control etc.. In this period, in addition to monochrome, two-color machine, each sheet fed offset printing machine manufacturers have almost four color machine manufacturing capacity, the majority of manufacturers are able to make paper flip mechanism, double-sided printing.
The second stage is from the beginning of 1990s to the end of the twentieth Century. Entered in 1990s, in order to sheet fed offset printing machine as a symbol of international printing machinery design and manufacturing level forward a big step forward. Compared with the first stage of the model, a new generation of models to further improve the speed by 10000, India India / hour to 15000 / hour, pre adjustment time is 2 hours from the first stage about greatly shortened to about 15 minutes. The automation level and production efficiency of the machine are greatly improved.
Since twenty-first Century, ushered in the third stages of development of printing machinery. Some models of sheet fed offset press can reach 17000 - 18000 India / hour, but not to the pursuit of the largest printing machine manufacturers of printing speed increase, but through the application of information technology, to further shorten the prepress preparation time and change live time to pursue higher production efficiency.
In the field of printing machinery automation, networking, integration of production, digital workflow, and management information system (MIS) link technology has become the focus of development. Heidelberg's CP2000 automatic control system in addition to control and fault diagnosis of the machine from the paper, paper and paper guide, inking, conveyance, version, registration, cleaning, drying, coating, powder and paper collecting each part of the work, also has the preset, realize the printing enterprises of all production the process of network transmission, online prepress image processing (CIP3/PPF data or CIP4/JDF data) and other functions. In the new century, most offset press manufacturers have developed the corresponding DI digital printing machine.
In addition, in order to meet the demand for high-grade color printing, 8 color or 10 color group group group, additional multicolor double-sided printing line finishing function into all kinds of sheet fed offset press (including small offset printing machine, DI plate machine and large printing machine) development trend, and the technology has matured, the type of the printing machine has begun to occupy belong to the original web printing machine part of the market.

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