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New development of carton packaging and carton machinery in
Source:未知 | Upload update:2017-03-31
China's carton packaging developed areas, concentrated in the coastal provinces and cities; on behalf of China carton packaging level in the south of Guangdong. Center of China carton machinery, is from north to south.
Guangdong carton packaging advanced equipment, the size of the industry, product quality and output value, are beyond the other provinces and autonomous regions of the country. This is my last month in Guangdong to visit the carton packaging industry exhibition, and then inspected the carton packaging and carton machinery enterprises in Guangdong, the view.
On behalf of the carton packaging advanced production of corrugated cardboard production line, Guangdong up to more than and 800, while Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai add up to less than 500 lines. Guangdong carton packaging annual output value of about 15 billion yuan, while the Soviet Union, Zhejiang, Shanghai together, about $13 billion.
Guangdong enterprises processing cartons, the general use of high-strength, low weight paper, cost reduction, quality assurance. Our mainland enterprises to produce cardboard cartons, is still in the volatility. Carton packaging market in Guangdong, the basic balance between supply and demand, orderly competition between enterprises, the size of the division of specialization of enterprises, enterprise development in good condition, which are better than the mainland enterprises.
Guangdong carton packaging beyond, thanks to Guangdong's strong economic strength, and developed light industrial products; also benefit the return of Hongkong (for Hong Kong carton Guangdong accounts for about 30% share of), integration with Guangdong's economy, Hongkong has links to international market. This is unique in Guangdong.
China carton packaging of the first world is Guangdong, the second world is the coastal provinces and cities, large mainland is the world of the third.
China's carton packaging industry, from the vicious competition has begun to sound development: from the lower level to the advanced level of development; from the domestic level to the international level.
China's paper packaging enterprises in 1990s, although in a period of rapid development, but generally small and medium enterprises. Large enterprises have, very few, is the world of smes. Small and medium enterprises in order to upgrade, between enterprises to compete for life and death, the company's market position, after seven fights for eight, is now a basic conclusion: large enterprises, small and medium enterprises clearly.
Before and after the new century, the Yangtze River Delta carton packaging enterprises, basically completed the professional division of labor, reaching the level of Guangdong. Large enterprises of high-grade corrugated production line processing board to small factories, small factories use high quality cardboard for users to process Cartons, thus forming a new era of cooperation and cooperation between large enterprises and small businesses. Now the market competition is the competition between the large enterprises, is a high level of competition, the nature of competition, will promote the whole industry to advanced development. As an advanced productivity carton packaging equipment, on behalf of the level in 90s is a single machine and low-grade corrugated production line. In the new century, in the carton packaging developed areas, large enterprises have been carried out technical transformation, the elimination of the old equipment, replaced by the high-grade production line.
Corrugated cardboard production line and printing slotting machine, in the past is basically made in China, very few imports. With the development of WT0, foreign packaging machinery will be fierce challenge to domestic packaging machinery, carton packaging enterprises will increasingly tend to high technology. Challenge the challenge, will enable China's packaging enterprises to international standards.
This is the new development trend of China's carton packaging.
China's future development of carton packaging is combined, intended to work together. The future of enterprises do not change the carton processing carton, sooner or later to be eliminated.
From now on we initially found that the combination of carton packaging:
First, the combination of paper packaging and paper. In the developed countries, the combination of paper and paper has already been realized. And China's long-term separation, the past few years began with the combination of paper and paper, paper and cardboard combination, and the momentum of development is very fast. Anhui Province, Ma'anshan city paper industry group company to pull into a small cardboard box factory, investment on a corrugated production line, mainly the production of small cardboard factory supply the surrounding area, because of their low cost paper paper, plus the welfare enterprises preferential policies, an annual output value of 60 million yuan, which sold tens of thousands of tons of paper. And to obtain a considerable profit. They tasted the sweetness of this year, and on a high-end line, ready to engage in the annual output value of one hundred million. At the same time in Suzhou and Yangzhou merger and the new carton factory. Nanjing Jiangning paper mill, this year to invest in the on-line carton factory, specializing in the production of corrugated cardboard, the situation is very good. We can see the Dongguan city in Guangdong Hongkong paper owned manufacturing Co. Ltd., is a large, and the production of cardboard boxes, with complete. "Man" with the combination of multi form paper carton size of the output value of 10 million yuan every day?. "Man" in our Jiangsu Changshou City Haiyu Development Zone, 900 acres of land, with an annual output of 650 thousand tons of paper, self built power plant, self-made wharf. "Man" in Changshu paper, at the same time to do carton factory. Wuxi Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd., the annual output value of 60 million yuan carton, the production of cardboard boxes for many years to accumulate funds into the paper mill. Yangzhou Jialong Paper Products Company Limited is the production of cardboard boxes, for their needs, and also do a paper factory. There is a combination of the form: Changshu Honghua foreign trade packing Limited company, with an annual output of 4000-5000 million cartons, self paper volume, they invest in foreign papermaking, the liaison office.
Two, carton and carton combination. Already combined abroad. China Chang Feng Packaging Co., Ltd. to introduce Italy's high-grade corrugated production line, known as Asia's first, both the production of 3A corrugated board, but also the processing of very thin corrugated. It can be seen from the foreign equipment design has been combined, and China will be long-term carton with color box separation. In classification,

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